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Download now! Get complete control of your on-hold audio 

With revolutionary MessageStudio software, you're never more than a few mouse clicks away from a new custom on-hold audio production. MessageStudio's simple, yet elegant, single-screen interface makes creating your own custom on-hold audio quick, easy and fun. 

Select from 75 different background music selections and a variety of prerecorded "thanks for holding..." messages, or record custom messages in your own voice with a PC microphone or your PC's builtin mic. Read the finished script yourself with a PC microphone, add the messages to the “message play list” select your music from the “music play list” and you’ve got a professional sounding production that rivals the pros! 

Create custom on-hold messages like a pro in minutes!

The all new MessageStudio allows you to create awesome custom on-hold messages like a pro, right from your desktop! The new MessageStudio 5.0 software is packed with new features, more music and a cleaner interface that makes producing your own custom on-hold messages even easier and more fun!


Simple to use!

  1. Add a pre-recorded thanks for holding message or record your own custom message with the built-in message recorder.
  2. Add a background music file
  3. Set the time between messages
  4. Preview your on-hold production
  5. Export the finished production to your disc
  6. Copy the finsihed production to your on-hold player, SD Card or USB Flash Drive

MessageStudio Player Software

  • Export directly to MP3 – automatically mixes voice and music and saves an MP3 file of your production. Simply transfer the file to the 6000 via USB, or copy the file to a Secure Digital (SD) Card and insert the card into the players flash card slot.  Have an OHP 8000, just copy your file to a USB Flash Drive.
  • User-Recordable - plug a microphone into your PC's sound card or use your PC's builtin mic to record a new message at a moment's notice.
  • On-the-Fly Mixing - automatically fades music down when a message begins.
  • Choose from 75 music background files - Huge variety of music formats and themes!
  • Adjustable message intervals - Select the amount of time you'd like between your voice messages
  • Adjustable Music Fade Levels - Adjust the amount that the background music fades when the voiceover comes on
  • Pre-recorded Messages - Includes 8 different professionaly voiced, prerecorded "thank you for holding" messages...plus 4 more pre-recorded tracks in Spanish.
  • .MP3 & .WAV file compatible - works with any .MP3 or standard .WAV file for music or messages.
  • Windows Compatible - Works with all version of Windows OS...even the new Windows 8!